Payments to caretaker vs. youth

Q: Does all of the extended foster care payment go to the caretaker or can the youth get some of the payment for living expenses? Is there a requirement to give some to the NMD?

A: Pursuant to Assembly Bill 212, the foster care payment has to go directly to one person. The only placement that the payment can go to youth directly is in a Supervised Independent Living Payment (SILP).  However, a youth and his/her caregiver can (and should) discuss how much of the payment made to the caregiver will be provided to the youth for expenses.  The Shared Living Agreement, available as an attachment to ACL 11-69, is a tool developed by CDSS that will assist caregivers and youth in setting forth their shared understanding of this, and many other aspects, of shared daily living.   You can download the ACL and review the Shared Living Agreement (Attachment B to the ACL) by following this LINK.

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