Placement delays: what to do about gaps in housing

Q:  I currently live in a group home and I just turned 18 and graduated high school.  I have been accepted to Job Corps but it doesn’t start for another month and a half.  Can I stay in my group home until I move into my housing through Job Corps?  If not, what should I do about my gap in housing?

A:  According to ACL 11-77, if a nonminor dependent has graduated high school already, he/she cannot stay in a group home placement after turning 18, unless he/she meets participation condition number five, medical condition (as described in ACL 11-69).  The nonminor dependent’s county social worker is responsible for identifying an appropriate short-term placement eligible under extended foster care for the nonminor dependent until he/she enters Job Corps.  

If the nonminor dependent and social worker decide that the best option is for the nonminor dependent to reside in a short-term Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) for the month and a half gap before entering Job Corps, the social worker would need to complete a Readiness Assessment (as described in ACL 11-77) and physical health and safety inspection (SOC 157B) of the short-term housing identified by the nonminor dependent, and an Approval and Placement Agreement (SOC 157A). 

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