Non-minor dependents sharing rooms with minors

Q:  If a youth who has exited foster care re-enters as a non-minor dependent (NMD) and is placed with a Foster Family Agency, can the youth share a room with a minor who has been placed in the same home? 

A:  Community Care Licensing regulations allow for a non-minor and a minor to share a room only under three circumstances. First, if the nonminor dependent and the child have been sharing a bedroom prior to the nonminor dependent turning age 18 and remain compatible to share a bedroom the arrangement can continue.  Second, they can also share a room if the child and NMD are siblings or if the NMD is sharing a room with his/her own child.  Third, if the youth is re-entering and the FFA would like the youth to be able to share a room with an unrelated minor, the FFA could do so by requesting a Documented Alternative Plan (DAP), which is basically the same as an exception.  It would then be up to the Licensing Program Analyst with Community Care Licensing to allow the exception or not.

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