Parenting non-minor dependents: receipt of infant supplement payment

Q:  If a parenting non-minor dependent is entitled to the infant supplement because she is caring for a child, does the additional payment go directly to her for the costs associated with the child?

A:  The infant supplement is included with the regular foster care payment and therefore will go to whomever receives the payment.  If the youth is in a Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) and receives the foster care payment directly, she would also receive the infant supplement directly.  If she resides with a caregiver who receives the foster care payment, the infant supplement would go to the caregiver.  In this circumstance, the youth and caregiver could use a shared living agreement to assist them to negotiate how the funds can be best utilized.

2 thoughts on “Parenting non-minor dependents: receipt of infant supplement payment

  1. Vina Sandal says:

    All of the documentation refers to “she”. What about if the NMD is a father, living with a non-NMD mother (of the baby) in a SILP. Can he receive the infant supplement since he is caring for the child on a full time basis?

    • John Burton Foundation says:

      An infant supplement is available to any custodial dependent parent, regardless of gender, who has their non-depedent child living with them. However to clarify further, if both mother and father are residing with their child and are both dependents, they will only receive one supplement for their child.

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