SILP eligibility: non-minor dependents receiving CalWORKs benefits

Q:  I am working with a youth who is eligible for extended foster care, is currently placed with a relative, does not qualify for Federal IV-E benefits and therefore is receiving the foster care benefit through CalWORKs.  Is this youth allowed to move to a Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP)?

A:  Yes. Foster youth who do not meet federal eligibility requirements and are placed with an approved relative receiving CalWORKS benefits are considered dependents in foster care, and are therefore they are eligible for all placement options including moving into a SILP.  Once the non-minor dependent (NMD) moves to an approved SILP, the NMD would be in the “State Foster Care” program.  If dependency was terminated prior to the NMD leaving the home of the relative, the young adult would have to re-enter foster care to be eligible. The young adult may then be federally eligible as a Child-Only eligibility determination. For re-entry cases, the IV-E eligibility is based solely on the young adult’s income and assets.

For more information about this issue, visit the CDSS website at

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