Nonminor dependent adoption

Q: I am currently 18 years old and am participating in extended foster care. My current caregiver wants to adopt me, but thought that I could not be adopted after age 18. Can I be adopted or not?

A: Yes, as a result of Assembly Bill 1712, non-minor dependents can be adopted after the age of 18 AND are eligible to receive financial support through the Adoption Assistance Payment (AAP) program. This process is called “Non-Minor Dependent Adoption” and ensures that a NMD whose adoption is finalized by the juvenile court is eligible to receive AAP until age 21, as long as all other eligibility conditions of AAP are met.   

(Reference: Welf. & Inst. Code §366.3, 366.3(f), 16120, 16123, 16120.1)

One thought on “Nonminor dependent adoption

  1. Jed Minoff says:

    Just to confirm… Those benefits would not be the same as or include benefits provided under Extended Foster Care, such as SILPs

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