Wraparound services and age limitations for nonminor dependents

Q: I am a probation officer working with a youth who will soon need to exit his group home placement due to the group home restrictions in AB 12. Can Wraparound Services be utilized for this Non-Minor Dependent, to assist in his transition to a placement with a lower-level of care?

A: Yes, the Wraparound process may continue to be accessed at any time until reaching the maximum age of extended foster care. To be eligible, the NMDs must continue to meet one of the five participation criteria and be at risk of placement in a group home at a rate classification level of 10 or higher, or they currently placed in a group home and will be transitioned to a lower level of care within the next three months, as in the case you describe.

For a list of counties that offer Wraparound Services, follow this LINK . For a list of Wraparound Service coordinators by county, follow this LINK.  For more information about Wraparound Services, follow this LINK.

(All County Letter 11-77, Page 12)

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