THP-Plus Foster Care: Infant Supplement Payment

Q: I work for an organization that recently received its license for THP-Plus Foster Care (THP+FC). My questions: are custodial parents placed in THP+FC eligible for an infant supplement? If so, do they receive it directly or is it included in the rate payment to our organizations? Finally, if they are eligible for the infant supplement, does a youth receive one infant supplement regardless of how many children they have or one infant supplement for each child?

A: Yes; a non-minor dependent placed in THP+FC is eligible to receive an infant supplement of $411 per month for the nondependent child residing with the non-minor, which is paid to the provider. Some or all of this payment may be passed through to the non-minor dependent to help pay for child-related expenses. If a non-minor dependent is the custodial parent to more than one child, an infant supplement is provided for each child.

Source: All County Letter 11-69

One thought on “THP-Plus Foster Care: Infant Supplement Payment

  1. Jean Vilmenay says:

    If the infant supplement is paid directly to the THP-FC provider what is their obligation to provide wipes,diapers, formula, clothing, pacifers, cribs, and all the other needs a baby in the NMD’s care???

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