Residing in a college dorm as a SILP

Q: I will be moving into a dorm in the fall as my Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP). I’ve heard that if you are living in a dorm as your SILP you do not need a readiness assessment or a health and safety inspection completed.  What are the steps I need to take to get this placement approved?

A: Yes, you are correct. College dorms, or other designated university housing, are not required to be pre-approved by the county as they are already approved by the post-secondary institution for safety standards. A readiness assessment prior to residing in a college dorm is not required either (although the social worker should still complete a SOC 157 and 157A). It is important to note that while the initial readiness assessment is not required, the assessment for the six-month Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP) updates is required.

In regards to the steps that must be taken, the NMD should notify their social worker that they plan to reside in the dorm as a SILP, and pay close attention to any deadlines or procedures the school has set for confirming housing or submitting payment for housing or tuition. It is important to remember that SILP payments, like all foster care payments, are paid in arrears (e.g. the payment for May doesn’t come until June) and so careful planning is required to make sure that timely payments can be made to the campus housing department. In addition, a plan should be set in place for where the NMD will live when school is not in session if the dorms are closed.

Source: All County Letter 11-77

One thought on “Residing in a college dorm as a SILP

  1. Jean Vilmenay says:

    If the NMD identifies him/herself as a Foster Youth many campus will make special arrangements to ensure the NMD has housing year around. You must speak to the director of housing about this directly as Financial Aid is not allowed to report to housing this NMD is a foster youth.
    It should be noted that while the dorms can be made available year around that often food services is not. Campus are working to address this piece of the puzzle but with housing taken care of that is one less less thing the NMD has to worry about during school breaks such as Christmas Break and Summer Break. I know that campus with apartments often allow Foster Youth to stay there over summer so they have a place to prepare their own meals.
    Also if the campus has a program such as Guardian Scholars they will also assit the NMD to address this issue.

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