Residing in a SILP with a Grandparent

Q: I understand that a non-minor dependent cannot live in a Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) with their biological parent. However, can the NMD be placed in a SILP with a grandparent, if the grandparent is the person from which she was detained?

A: A NMD can be approved to live in a SILP where a grandparent is residing. In this case, the grandparent would not be the foster care provider, but would be more like the NMD’s landlord. In order for a NMD to be approved to live in a SILP, the NMD must be determined to be ready to live independently (eg: without a foster parent or other provider) and the SILP itself must be approved as meeting health and safety standards. It is within the discretion of the child welfare worker to approve any SILP setting as an appropriate placement. If the child welfare worker determines, based on his or her professional judgment, that this placement is not appropriate, the worker is not required to approve it. In the NMD disagrees with this decision, she could request that it be reviewed by the court either at her next six-month administrative review or at a special hearing.

One thought on “Residing in a SILP with a Grandparent

  1. Jean Vilmenay says:

    It is my understanding that a NMD may not live with ANYONE THEY HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM. I do not believe this is an accurate answer to this question. Thje intent of the law is to ensure the NMD is living in a healthy living environment, a grandparent whom the NMD was removed from would not meet this standard

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