Medi-Cal to Age 26 for NMDs Residing Outside California

Q:  I have several Non-Minor Dependents (NMDs) that reside outside of California in a Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP).  How does  the new extension of Medi-Cal to age 26 apply to these young adults?  Will they be eligible for health coverage to age 26 if they are living in another state and not California?


A: California has elected to provide coverage to former foster youth from other states who were in care on their 18th birthday. Therefore, if a youth was in foster care on their eighteenth birthday in another state and they move to California, they can obtain Medi-Cal and receive coverage until the age of 26.

However, it is not clear which states will choose to extend coverage to former foster youth who were not in foster care in their state.  The federal government has not yet finalized regulations that will determine whether other states are required to provide this coverage.  Therefore, if a youth whose dependency was established in California moves to another state, he/she must check with that state to see if they can obtain coverage from that state until age 26.

Source: 42 CFR Parts 430, 431, 433, 435, 440, 447, and 457; 45 CFR Part 155; [CMS-2334-P]; RIN 0938-AR04

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