Options for parenting youth residing with non-federally eligible relative caregivers

Q: I am the relative caregiver for my granddaughter, age 18. When she was removed at age 8, it was determined she was not federally eligible for foster care. Instead of a foster care payment, I receive a monthly CalWORKs grant on her behalf. My granddaughter recently became pregnant. When the baby is born, will I receive an “infant supplement” or an increase in the CalWORKs grant?

A: No, you will not receive an infant supplement. The $441 infant supplement payment is not available to non-federally eligible youth living with relatives. If your niece were living with a non-relative, she would receive it. Or, if she were federally-eligible and living with you (a relative), she would receive it. As for CalWORKs, the grant will increase incrementally once the baby is born because the size of the Assistance Unit will grow from one (your granddaughter) to two (your granddaughter and great granddaughter). However, CalWORKs payments do not increase per person – so the amount of the grant will not double.

One option to consider is to have your niece placed in a Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) in your home. That is, rather than being placed with you, she would be renting a room from you and be placed in a SILP.  Under this arrangement, she would be eligible for a higher foster care rate and also receive the infant supplement.

One thought on “Options for parenting youth residing with non-federally eligible relative caregivers

  1. Beverly Butler says:

    The infant will not be added to a CalWORKs NMD case per ACL 12-27. The infant can only be added if the youth qualifies under non-NMD CalWORKs rules (Under 19 and in High School or participating in WTW etc.)

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