Eligibility for NMD not Meeting Participation Condition

Q: I am the social worker for a Non-Minor Dependent (NMD), age 19. He is currently enrolled in community college, but struggling with mental health issues. If he stops attending community college will he automatically be ineligible for extended foster care because he is not meeting one of the five participation conditions?

A: No.  It is likely that a NMD may transition between participation activities during the six‐month certification period that occurs between each case review hearing. However, temporarily not participating in one criteria does not make the youth ineligible for extended foster care. As long as the NMD continues to work toward the goals set out in their TILP, then they will not lose eligibility. Participation criteria Number 3 “Removing Barriers to Employment” is intended to bridge the gaps ineligibility.  In addition, the Six‐Month Certification of Participation should specify both a primary participation condition that the NMD will satisfy as well as a “back‐up” plan as detailed in the NMD’s TILP, in order to ensure  that a NMD has multiple paths to eligibility during any six‐month period.

Source: Welf. & Inst. Code § 11403(b); Welf. & Inst. Code § 11403(i); All County Letter 11‐69

One thought on “Eligibility for NMD not Meeting Participation Condition

  1. Jean Vilmenay says:

    Removing Barriers could also apply to removing barriers to education

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