Paperwork Required to Extend Medi-Cal to Age 26

Q: My former foster daughter is 22. I heard Medi-Cal has been extended to age 26 for former foster youth under the Affordable Care Act and I would like to enroll my former foster daughter. I know that I need to take her to the county office, but what do we need to bring with us? Do we need a letter from the county verifying foster youth status and do we need to verify income?


A: Going to your local county office to complete form MC 250A, is currently the best way to enroll your former foster daughter in Medi-Cal. Your former foster daughter will not need to bring anything verifying foster youth status. She should be enrolled in Medi-Cal immediately while the county verifies status. They will not need to verify income because eligibility is based upon being in foster care on her 18th birthday, being 18-26, and being a California resident.


Children Now recommends bringing a copy of Informational Letter 14-05 released by the California Department of Health Care Services, and also making note of the law that extended Medi-Cal (California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 14005.28) when visiting a county office to apply. To learn more, visit Children Now’s Covered Till 26 website at

Source: California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 14005.28, Informational Letter 14-05, Children Now Covered Till 26 website <;

One thought on “Paperwork Required to Extend Medi-Cal to Age 26

  1. Ginger Pierce says:

    I think you also meant to say that just a general form of accepted i.d. Driver’s license, Passport, CA i.d. etc. is required.

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