Food Stamp Eligibility for NMD Attending College

Q: I am 19 years-old, participating in AB 12 and attending college full-time. As a full-time student, am I eligible for food stamps?

A: You may be eligible for food stamps, depending on whether or not you are exempt from the “student bar,” which makes certain students ineligible for food stamps, known as CalFresh in California.  Those students who are ineligible to receive CalFresh include those who are:

  • age 18 to 50 and physically fit,
  • enrolled at least half-time  and
  • enrolled in an institution of higher education.

It is important to note that certain students are exempt from the “student bar.”  These include students who are employed 20 hours a week, certain students with children, students who are enrolled in a food stamp employment and training program and students who do not intend to register for the next school term.

For more information, read the CDSS regulations or visit the California Good Guide to Food Benefits website, which summarizes special rules for students.

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