Extended foster care for non-federally eligible youth living with approved relative

Q: I am a probation officer for a youth who is 17 years-old and placed with an approved relative. The youth is not federally-eligible and so the relative receives a CalWORKs payment instead of a foster care payment. Here is my question: when the youth turns 18, is he eligible to continue receiving assistance to age 21, even though he is not federally-eligible?

A: Yes; Provided that the youth meets all other eligibility requirements, he would qualify for an extended CalWORKs payment until age 21. The fact that the youth is not federally-eligible does not disqualify him from assistance. 

As explained in All County Letter 11-79, “NMDs are not subject to CalWORKs program rules, including Welfare-to-Work (WTW), or reporting requirements. The NMD is only required to meet at least one of the five conditions of eligibility established under AB 12, agree and adhere to the Mutual Agreement, and to cooperate with the six-month review hearings/certification.”


Source: Welf. & Inst. Code § 11253.3; All County Letter 11‐78

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