Responsibility for Chafee Funding When Foster Youth Moves Out of State

Q: If a youth ages out of foster care in one State and then changes his or her State of residency, which State is responsible for providing a youth with an Chafee educational and training voucher?

A: For a youth in foster care, the State with placement and care responsibility is responsible for providing a voucher to an eligible youth. The State in which a former foster youth resides is responsible for providing such an eligible youth with a voucher. This provision, however, does not apply to a former foster care youth who already is receiving a voucher and moves to another State for the sole purpose of attending an institution of higher education. In that instance, we expect that the youths original State of residence will continue to provide a voucher to the youth for as long as the youth remains eligible for the program.

  • Source/Date: 4/4/05
  • Legal and Related References: Social Security Act Section 475 and 477(b)(3)(A); Child Welfare Policy Manual Section 3.1F Q&A 2 and 3

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