Infant Supplement Eligibility for Custodial Foster Youth Fathers

Q: I am with a THP+FC provider and we have a young man in the program, who will soon become a young father. He intends to have shared physical custody of his child. Is he eligible to receive the infant supplement? If so, does it need to be pro-rated? Also, what kind of documentation is required?


A: According to CDSS, yes, this young father is eligible for the infant supplement, provided he has shared physical custody. This is an issue that has been raised with the department by counties; CDSS has advised that any parent with shared custody is eligible for the infant supplement, not just the mother.

According to CDSS, counties that have addressed this issued have not pro-rated rate the infant supplement based on the proportion of time the child lives with the parent, but instead provided the full $411. As for documentation, the Non-Minor Dependent’s (NMDs) status as a parent and the custody arrangement should be documented in his or her case file.

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