Dropping classes: potential impact on financial aid

Q: I am working with a youth who started school full time at college three weeks ago. He’s struggling in one of his classes and is thinking about dropping the class. Will this impact his financial aid?

A: Federal financial aid such as Pell grants are prorated based on course load. If dropping a class results in him no longer qualifying as full time status (less than 12 units), his financial aid award will be reduced. If he has already received his financial aid payment, this can result in an overpayment, which can have a variety of negative consequences, including a block on registration the following term. Dropping the class after the drop deadline could also impact whether the student gets placed on academic probation. He should meet with a financial aid counselor as soon as possible to understand all of the implications of dropping as well as an academic counselor to determine what resources may be available to help him be successful in the class.

One thought on “Dropping classes: potential impact on financial aid

  1. Jean Vilmenay says:

    I would also encourage him to check to see if he is eligible for the EOP/EOPS program on his campus as that would give him access to tutoring and a mentor. It could be to late for this semester. However he would be just in time to ensure he meets the spring deadlines.

    One other program I would encourage him to look into is guardian scholar, promise scholars or the like. It is a program that works with Foster Youth to help them be successful in college. He should ask the financial aid office who the foster youth Liaison is, that person should be able to tell him what programs their campus has for foster youth.

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