Youth Seeking a THP+Foster Care Placement

Q:  I am not happy in my current placement and want to move to transitional housing (THP+FC), but my county social worker is telling me that there aren’t any placements available.  Is there anything that I can do?

A: There are three things you can do. First, make sure that both you and your social worker are aware of all available THP+FC providers in your area. The number of providers has grown quickly in recent months and it is possible that there are new providers available. There is now THP+FC housing in 48 of California’s 58 counties, so unless you are in a remote area, there should be a licensed provider that offers housing in your county. For an updated list of licensed THP+FC providers by county, follow this LINK.

Second, if there is a THP+FC provider in your area, but it is full at the moment, call to see if you can be notified when there is availability. Then, check back periodically.

Finally, consider contacting providers in adjacent counties to ask if they are considering providing THP+FC in your area. This will not meet your immediate needs, but will give you information about whether there will be additional housing forthcoming or not.

4 thoughts on “Youth Seeking a THP+Foster Care Placement

  1. Stella Botello says:

    As to there not being any opening is not true, many counties do not want to place in an FC licensed facility becuase of the cost and most of the licensed facilities have many openning. I think the problem is that counties will not place in licensed facilities and there needs to be adovacy to getting youth what they are supposed to receive. In my county they are making them go into silps to avoid that cost or into a THP P FC and the youth lose those years in the possibility of AB 12 funding. Youths should contact with attornies to see what could be done.

  2. Sherrie says:

    Sometimes Social Workers don’t feel that a youth is ready to move into a THP+FC or they want the youth to Graduate High School or fulfill some other requirement before they will think about the youth moving into a THP+FC. Also, there are county’s that have capped the number of youth that can participate in a THP+FC. This is most likely what the Social Worker was talking about when they said that there are not any placements available.

  3. Cynthia Lederle says:

    It may also be that this youth’s particular county has a cap amount on the number of THP+ FC placements they can allow at any given time, given budget constraints.

  4. John Burton Foundation says:

    Very good point- thank you for adding it!

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