Sharing a Room in THP+FC

Q: I work for a THP+FC provider. We have a young woman who would like to share her bedroom with her boyfriend, who is the father of her child. He is not in extended foster care or in THP-Plus. Is this allowable?

A: No, it is not allowable. A Non-Minor Dependent (NMD) may share an apartment or house with her another adult, provided the adult is has had a background check and been fingerprinted, but may not share a bedroom with another person unless that person is a NMD or participating in THP-Plus.

Concerns about this policy have been  raised with Community Care Licensing and a work group has been convened to revisit it, along with a number of other THP+FC regulations. However, this is current policy.

Source: Health and Safety Code 1559.110; THPP Regulations 86087(b) and Interim Licensing Standards 86187(c)(5)

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