Proof of Foster Care Status for Financial Aid

Q: I am a former foster youth, age 23. I have been working for the last couple years, but want to return to school in the fall. To get financial aid, I know I will need to get proof of my status as a former foster youth at some time down the road. I now live in a different county and don’t have the contact for my social worker. Who should I contact to get this verification?

A: To get your verification of foster care status you should contact your former county social worker OR the the coordinator of your Independent Living Skills Program (ILP). For an up-to-date list of ILP contacts, follow this LINK. Make sure to request the verification in advance to ensure you receive the information by the time it is needed.

This verification is NOT required at the time you complete the  FAFSA.  It is also not required to apply for the $5,000 Chaffee Education and Training Voucher because your foster care status is verified for this program  through data matching between the California Department of Social Services and the California Student Aid Commission once you have applied.

Proof of your foster care status may be required to be eligible for certain financial aid and student support programs, including priority registration. It is a good practice to request this important information, so that you can have this documentation when you need it.

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