Financial Aid Options for Youth Going to College Out of State

Q: I am working with a foster youth considering going out of state for college. Are they eligible for the same financial aid benefits as a student going to school in California?

A: It depends on the particular benefit. Pell grants are a federal program and are available regardless of the state where the student is attending school. CalGrants are a state funded program and are available only to California residents who attend a qualifying California college. Chafee grants, which are available only to qualifying foster youth, can be used to attend qualified schools outside of California. Individual colleges and universities may have other local financial aid options and scholarships available and applicants should talk with a financial aid counselor at the campus to ensure they are taking advantage of all available aid.

One thought on “Financial Aid Options for Youth Going to College Out of State

  1. Jean Vilmenay says:

    The youth should always keep in mind that generally speaking out of state tuition is about two to three times what a student living in state will pay. So it is always cheaper for students to pay in state tuition.

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