Rates Paid for THP-Plus by County

Q: I am a THP-Plus provider and we are negotiating our contract for next fiscal year (2015-16). I’d like to compare our THP-Plus rate with others. Is there any one place that you know of where they list the rates various counties pay?

A: Yes. the John Burton Foundation collects this information as part of its THP-Plus/THP+FC Annual Report. You can find the list of provider rates by county at this LINK. The providers names have been removed.

Many providers have not seen an increase in their rates for several years. According to a recent Realignment report, spending was down significantly for THP-Plus in 2013-14. This is due in large part to youth, age 18 to 21, electing to remain in foster care. Given this, now is a good time to discuss an increase to your THP-Plus rate to reflect increases in the cost of providing the program, specifically, the increased cost of housing.

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