Accessing Priority Enrollment

Q: I am working with a foster youth who plans to start community college in the fall. I’ve heard that he can get priority enrollment. What does this mean and how does he access it?

A: Priority enrollment allows foster youth (along with other priority groups) to register for classes prior to the general student body. Many core classes fill up and so priority enrollment ensures that foster youth can get the courses they need. Enrollment periods for the fall vary by campus but typically begin in the spring. In order to gain access to priority enrollment a student must submit an application, and complete an orientation, assessment tests and an educational plan. The student will likely be required to provide verification of foster youth status to the admissions office in order to secure priority enrollment status.

One thought on “Accessing Priority Enrollment

  1. Jean Vilmenay says:

    I have found that contacting the foster youth liaison is the most efficient way to ensure that they are given priority access.

    Also if they have a guardian scholars program (or similar) they generally can assist with this too. If you do not know who the foster youth liaison if you contact EOPS or Guardian Scholar type programs they maybe able to help you to get connected.

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