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Indicating Foster Youth Status on College Application

Q: My foster daughter was applying for community college through CCC Apply and couldn’t understand the question regarding foster youth status and so she left it blank. Will this matter?

A: While not specifying foster youth status on the application does not impact a student’s ability to attend college, correctly answering the question is important in order to ensure that she is offered services that may be available to foster youth on her campus such as priority registration and access to support programs. The question allows for five different answer choices based on whether the applicant is currently in foster care, at what age they exited, and whether they were in foster care in California or another state. For example, if your foster daughter is still in foster care through AB 12 she would select the choice “I am currently in Foster Care in California.” If she left foster care before the age of 18, for example to reunify with her biological parents, she would select the option “I was previously in Foster Care, but did not age out or emancipate from the system.” If she left foster care after the age of 18, she would select “I was previously in Foster Care in California, and aged out or emancipated from the system.