Parenting Support Plans and $200 Supplement for Parenting NMDs in SILPs

Q: I understand that under AB 2668, beginning July 1, 2015, parenting Non-Minor Dependents living in a SILP are eligible to receive an additional $200 supplement if they create a parenting support plan with a responsible adult.

Since the All-County-Letter (ACL) and County Fiscal Letter (CFL) providing guidance on this has not yet been released, can parenting NMDs create their parenting support plans now and begin claiming the supplement?

A. Yes, the parenting NMD living in a SILP can enter into this plan now and will be able to retroactively claim the supplement once the CFL comes out. Until the ACL comes out with a sample template parenting support plan, NMDs and their social workers can refer to the shared responsibility plan guidelines from ACL 06-04.

Welfare and Institutions Code §10604.6; CFL No. 96/97-47

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