Maximum Number of Days NMDs May be Absent from Placement to Receive Payment

Q: I am a social worker with a THP+FC program. We have a non-minor dependent in our program who would like to participate in a college bridge program next summer, where she will live on campus for 30 days.  If she is away from the program that long, will our program receive a THP+FC payment to “hold” her place in the program? We want to encourage her participation in this program, but do not have the funding to cover housing and staffing costs if we are not getting a rate for a month.

A: Your program will likely receive a partial payment. According to CDSS regulations, payment may be made to a provider if the youth in foster care is absent no more than 14 days in a calendar month. Therefore, if the youth were gone 10 days in the first month and the 20 days in the second month, your program would receive the full payment for the first month and a prorated payment for the second month, reduced  by the number of days exceeding 14 days in the calendar month.

The CDSS regulations provide several useful scenarios that explain this regulation.

Section 45-302.231 of the CDSS Manual of Policies and Procedures

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