Are There Requirements for How to Use Infant Supplement in THP+FC?

Q: I am a mentor for a young mother who lives in THP+FC.  It doesn’t seem like she is getting extra services as a young parent. It is written anywhere what the $411 infant supplement is supposed to cover? Is there a way for her to receive the $411 payment directly?

A: There is no written guidance on how the infant supplement is used in THP+FC. There is also no specific requirement that THP+FC providers account for how they used the infant supplement.

A parenting Non-Minor Dependent (NMD) living in THP+FC is not able to receive the infant supplement directly. Instead, the monthly infant supplement goes to the provider for the care and supervision of the nondependent infant. Some THP+FC providers elect to pass along a portion of the infant supplement to the parenting NMD, but it is not required.

When this question was posed to CDSS, they responded that a youth who has a concern about this should contact the Foster Care Ombudsman’s Office.  They could also request an audit from our Foster Care Audits and Rates Bureau if they feel it’s needed.

Source: W&IC 11465 (a)

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