Documentation Required for Employment

Q: We have a young adult whose new social worker who will not sign off on her AB 12 compliance since the young adult is getting paid under the table as a nanny. The NMD has two jobs where she gets paid in cash. The previous social worker had no problem with this and the youth was considered employed for the purposes of meeting one of the five participation conditions.

Is there anything preventing this new worker from signing off my youth’s employment? For example, does she need to be employed somewhere where she is receiving pay stubs?


A: There is not requirement that the youth provide pay stubs as proof of employment. The ACL that specifies the requirements offers several examples of proof of employment,  including a copy the nonminor dependent’s (NMD) work schedule, pay stubs, a statement of hiring from the employer, or a statement of acceptance from the apprenticeship or internship program.

In this circumstance,  a “statement of hiring from the employer” should suffice. If consensus cannot be reached between the youth and the social worker, this should come before the juvenile court.  As a legal adult, the NMD is responsible for any tax liability she may be incurring. It is not the responsibility of  the county child welfare agency and the child welfare agency will not be held accountable for it.

Source: All County Letter 11-61


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