Student Eligibility for CalFresh by Participation in EOPS

Q:  I’m a non-minor dependent attending college full-time. I’m not able to work and am struggling with my monthly expenses. I know that students attending college at least half-time are generally not eligible for food stamps unless they meet certain requirements or exemptions.

I recently heard that participation in Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) qualifies an otherwise Cal-Fresh eligible student for the CalFresh (food stamps) exemption. Is this true?


A: Yes, you are correct. Generally, students enrolled at least half-time as defined by the post-secondary educational institution are not eligible for CalFresh unless special criteria apply (see below).

In 2014, Assembly Bill 1930 (Skinner) gave the California Department of Social Services the authority to determine certain educational programs considered employment training programs, thereby qualifying a student participating in one of those programs for an exemption. All County Letter 15-70 (2015) indicated that enrollment in EOPS qualifies an otherwise CalFresh-eligible student for the CalFresh exemption. Students who provide proof of enrollment in EOPS shall be eligible for CalFresh if they meet all other conditions of CalFresh eligibility.


Citation: Assembly Bill 1930 (2014), Manual of Policies and Procedures 63-406.216, All County Letter 15-70 (September 15, 2015)

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