County Policies on Out-of-County Youth in THP-Plus

Q:  I’m 22 years old and currently live in a THP-Plus program in the county I exited care from in Southern California. I’d like to move to Northern California so that I can attend a community college that has a transfer agreement with the university I plan to ultimately attend up north. I have only been in THP-Plus for 7 months, and do not have much of a savings. I would like to find a THP-Plus program in the area where I plan to move so that I can afford to attend school without having to work full-time.

I’ve heard that some THP-Plus programs have stipulations about accepting youth who did not exit foster care from their county. Is there some sort of list that will tell me which counties will accept out-of-county youth in their THP-Plus programs?

A:  Yes, the John Burton Foundation has developed a list that includes almost all counties with THP-Plus programs’ policies on whether they accept out-of-county youth. This information was gathered from the THP-Plus contact at each county. The majority of counties do accept out-of-county youth, however some have stipulations, such as requiring that the youth reside in the county of the program, or that they have ties to the community and/or a purpose for residing there (i.e. a job, a school, family, etc.). The list is posted on the THP-Plus website at

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