Allowances in THP+FC: Is there a required amount?

Q: My organization is a provider of THP+FC. Is there a minimum or maximum amount that we are required to provide in allowance to the youth placed in our THP+FC program?

A: State law requires THP+FC providers to provide an allowance to each participant in the program. State law does not specify a minimum or maximum value amount, but instead indicates that in the case of a participant living independently, the allowance must be sufficient for the participant to purchase food and other necessities.

Licensing regulations require the procedures for determining the amount of allowance provided to each participant and the schedule of disbursement to be included in the provider’s Plan of Operation.


Welfare and Institutions Code Section 16522.1(b)(7); 

Manual of Policies and Procedures: Transitional Housing Placement Program, Title 22, Division 6, Chapter 7, page 16

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